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Wolfenstein 3D - the game by id software that started a revolution in 3D gaming!

Welcome to our Wolfenstein 3D add ons site! We hope you'll find this site to be of use if you are looking
for material to assist in creation of your own Wolfenstein add ons, or if you are simply looking for an add on
or total conversion for your own entertainment. Please be aware though that if you are looking for the
full versions of the original Wolfenstein 3D or it's sequel "Spear of Destiny", you won't find them here.
These games are still copyrighted by their creators, but the good news is that if you visit their sites, you'll
find you can still purchase these classic games for a very low price. Click on "Original Wolf 3D" on
the links menu down the left side of this page to find out more.

This website is jointly run by myself (AReyeP - pronounced as "R.I.P") from Australia, and MCS Amsterdam
from The Netherlands. Both of us are keen fans of the original Wolfenstein 3D made by id software.
This site was initially created to act as a home for our own Wolf 3D add ons/creations, but over time it has
grown to be more than that. It is now home to the "Wolfenstein 3D Texture Library", a place where you
can view and download a range of new and original textures for use in your own Wolf 3D add ons/game
projects, plus learn a little on how to make your own original textures! The Texture Library will grow as time
passes until it hopefully becomes a large collection of freely available textures. In addition, the site is home
to an extensive range of excellent coding tutorials from MCS. Check out the "MCS' Coding Tips - Success!"
link on the links menu along the left side of this page. Both the Texture Library and Coding Tips sections
should hopefully be valuable resources for anyone wanting to make their own Wolf add ons.

If you're after some Wolf 3D style entertainment, check out the links to "Spear Resurrection", "Wolfendoom",
and "Wolf Collection". You'll also find some other things in the "Other Stuff" section. And, expect more
add ons etc to be made available from this site in future!
Worauf warten Sie?
The sequel to
Spear Resurrection
is finally here!

If you enjoyed "Spear
Resurrection", then
prepare for the
End of Destiny...!

Available now - see link
on left panel of page ...
"Wolfenstein 3D", "Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny", the "Wolfenstein 3D" logo, "Doom",  and all images or content taken
from them are Copyright id software, creators of the legendary Doom and Quake series of games. To check out or order
other great games by id, visit You can also purchase the original Wolfenstein 3D (definitely well worth
it!), or its sequel "Spear of Destiny",  from id software's site. These classic games are cheap these days - you have no excuse!
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